Looking for the font that Netflix using for Subtitles? Then you are in the right place. Netflix Subtitle Font is Consolas. In this post we are sharing with you, digital streaming platform Netflix closed caption fonts. You can download them from below.

netflix subtitles font

Consolas – Subtitle Font Netflix

netflix closed caption font

We’ve found a font that almost looks like a subtitle font. It’s a paid font. Don’t worry we also provided some alternative free fonts as well.
Consolas is a monospaced typeface designed by Luc De Groot. This font comes in 4 styles.

Consolas Bold
Consolas Bold Italic
Consolas Italic

  • File Type: TTF
  • File Size: 96 KB
  • Font Type: Monospace
  • Creator: Luc(as) de Groot

Inconsolata Font Family – Free Alternative

subtitle font netflix

Inconsolata is a free font created by Raph Levien. He created this font by inspiring the Consolas font. Comes in 2 styles. (Regular and bold)

  • File Type: TTF
  • File Size: 84 KB
  • Font Type: Monospace
  • Creator: Raph Levien
  • Free for commercial use

More Subtitle Fonts



closed captions font

Helvetica Neue



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