Are you looking for free digital stickers for Goodnotes?

On the internet, you can find many sticker packs, but most of them are not free. We dig deep and find some free goodnotes stickers. Most of them are from the subreddit r/Goodnotes. I highly recommend it to any Goodnotes user. It is very helpful and you can find solutions for any issues you may be facing.

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Cute Kawaii Goodnotes Stickers – 50% OFF

Add some whimsy to your notes with these cute kawaii GoodNotes stickers! Over 120 pre-cropped PNG files are included for easy customization of your digital documents. Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to add a touch of fun to their note-taking.

Free Digital Stickers for Goodnotes

A digital planner or journal is incomplete without stickers, which makes them more interesting and attractive. Digital stickers come in various formats such as PNGs, JPEGs, PDFs, and. Goodnotes format. If they are in PNGs, all you need to do is drop them into your notes.

1. Free Cute Goodnotes Stickers

Free Cute Goodnotes Stickers

Cute stickers are very useful for making notes for kids. They find them more visually appealing, and engaging. Cuteness means to be charming in an endearing or pretty manner. Transform your normal digital notes into cute planners or journals. It was created by u/shingfun1984 and it includes 30 cute PNG stickers.

2. Neon Goodnotes Math Stickers

Neon Goodnotes Math Stickers

Tired of studying handwritten mathematical formulas? Then try to add these neon mathematical stickers to your notes.

Looking at neon math equations can help students memorize them instantly. u/TennisG0d shares 23 PNG math stickers. Since they are in PNG format, they can be used in any digital note-taking application. Stickers are in a high-quality format.

3. Social Media Stickers for Goodnotes

Social Media Stickers for Goodnotes

Add your social profiles to Goodnotes using this free sticker pack. Note creator can increase their reach and followers by adding some social icons to their notes.

As digital notes are shareable, getting credit is absolutely necessary. By using social media stickers, they get proper credit. u/anywhoodledoodle created these stickers using Procreate and shared them on the subreddit. Thanks for sharing

4. Aesthetic Stickers for Goodnotes

Aesthetic Stickers for Goodnotes

Moonlight, a YouTube content creator, created this video and provided it as a Template and sticker pack. She has already uploaded some cool digital planners to her channel. In each video, she links to different sticker packs. With just a click, you can apply her style and theme.

5. Free Digital Quote Stickers for Goodnotes

Free Digital Quote Stickers

If you want positivity in your notes, then this sticker pack is for you. Shared by Write Down Books, these stickers are motivating and uplifting. This free pack is suitable for study notes and business planners.

They’re available in the same three color palettes as their Digital Planners and Notebooks, plus white and black. Also, you’ll be able to add the stickers as IOS Widgets. These stickers can only be used for personal use according to the creator.

6. Weekly Planner Stickers & Templates

Goodnotes Weekly Planner Stickers & Templates

On a weekly planner, you typically see your entire week on two pages, with Saturday and Sunday taking fewer pages than the rest of the week. It helps you to organize your schedule.

Elena studies created these amazing weekly planner templates for Goodnotes. You can view her complete process of making this planner. The breakfast stickers are my favorites. They are so cute and adorable.

7. Free Goodnotes Holiday Stickers

Muted Holiday is a free sticker pack containing over 50 holiday-themed stickers. Make your digital notes more festive and vibrant using this free pack. Thanks to Lilac Desk for sharing these Goodnotes stickers. I love the shades of pink & blue that they used.

8. Ghost Cute Stickers for October

Ghost Cute Stickers for October

Another sticker pack by u/anywhoodledoodle. This one is made for October. It comes in PNG files and .goodnote files. The best thing about this pack is that it can be used in any PDF annotation app. 9 stickers are available in this pack. They’re perfect for Halloween-related notes or October planners.

What Is The Best Way To Add Stickers To GoodNotes?

Adding and working with the stickers that are in the .goodnotes file is easy.

Once you have downloaded the Goodnotes file, open it up in Goodnotes and then use the lasso tool (make sure ‘images’ are selected) to copy and paste it.

If your files are not in the .goodnotes file then, You should save the individual PNG files (Transparent) in your files. Goodnotes and Files can then be opened side-by-side and dragged between them. Then you can save them as elements (a little blue box with a star) for future use.

What is your favorite sticker pack from the list? Feel free to leave a comment if I missed anything! Thanks for reading. If you found this article helpful, please tell your friends.

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