Designers are often told that a good font is all they need for a successful logo. However, it’s not the truth! Fonts do play an important role in a logo’s success, but to stand out, they need some sort of support as well, which can be easily done with the help of beautiful icons, elements, and shapes!

Why? It’s because icons are insanely eye-catchy and give the audience a reason to stare at your designs, which can help your logos become popular and successful every single time.

And that’s one reason in this article we have bought the Y2K icons and shapes bundle for you! But why only Y2K ones? Well, it’s because we are in the modern era, where everything keeps getting futuristic, and this makes many people miss the old times a lot, especially the Y2K era.

Since that era was considered one of the best times on earth, people adapted to new types of aesthetics, fashion, music, and clothing that completely changed the world in just a short period of time.

Unfortunately, the Y2K era is no more, so whenever people see something related to that time, it gives them nostalgia, and in return, they give it a lot of attention to the point it becomes popular. That’s the reason Y2K designs are in style and are gaining so much popularity nowadays. 

If you also want to join this trend and make some iconic Y2K logos, then consider trying out our Y2K Shapes bundle, as it contains everything your logo will ever need. 

What is a Y2K Design?

Since a new century was starting, people were really excited and had many expectations for the future, so they started a new fashion trend of wearing glittery, aesthetic, and futuristic clothes. This new trend affected every type of industry, which included the design world too, and that’s where the iconic Y2K logos and designs were born. It was the time the internet started growing too, which is why Y2K designs had problems spreading all over the world.

Designers started using techno, futuristic, and slightly retro styles in their designs, which gave off really good Y2K vibes, which is why these unique designs are still missed today. Lastly, this era is called Y2K because its name is inspired by a computer glitch called Y2K, which was also really popular in those days.

Now that you know the complete history of Y2K designs and their era, let’s take a look at the icons for Y2K logos, as they are going to help you a lot with your upcoming projects.

Y2K Icons & Elements Pack

y2k icons
  • 120+ Y2K Icons / Shapes ✦
  • Available in PNG, SVG & AI Files ✦
  • Commercial Use ✦
  • Bonus: HQ Textures Included

Introducing the Y2K Icons Pack, a bundle of 120+ beautiful Y2K elements for any kind of retro and vintage logo design! This pack has many amazing icons and shapes, including stars, explosions, flowers, circles, and many more exciting designs. They are totally based on the Y2K era, so without a doubt, fans of classical design will automatically get attracted to you when they see these icons on your logos.

Moreover, the icons have some cute Y2K SVG stickers too that can work with your Cricut and Silhouette crafts as well. For easy access, all the elements are in PNG, SVG, and AI files, so that you don’t face problems while adding them to your projects.

What makes this deal even more attractive is that you can currently get this pack for 40% OFF, which saves you a lot of money. Not to mention, the Y2K icon bundle can be used for commercial purposes once you buy it, which means just purchasing one bundle leaves you with multiple benefits, so why not get it as soon as possible?

The bundle will also provide you with high-quality and beautifully designed Y2K icons, which will surely help you a lot with the Y2K trend and make you popular among the Gen Z people who still miss this unique trend.


Even today, Y2K is one of the best trends, and that’s why people still don’t want to forget about it. which gives designers a great opportunity to create some decent Y2K logos. The Y2K Shapes pack we have mentioned in this article gives amazing effects to your logos and makes them look even more attractive than before, so feel free to purchase it soon, as buying it now will give you a 40% discount.