APA format is probably one of the most complex writing styles for any kind of paper. If you are writing a research paper, then it’s necessary to use this style, or your document won’t be accepted at all. Many students need to use this style for their college research paper, but since it’s really hard to understand, they get confused on many parts, like fonts and sizes, and end up with nothing.

Therefore, just like those students, if you are also a person who is looking for a guide that can teach you about the APA format, then you are at the right place! Since we’ll be explaining everything about APA format in this article, including font size and space. 

After learning about these topics, you will realize APA formatting isn’t as hard as it may look. You will be able to understand the formats and write research papers with ease. which is the reason you must make sure you read this article till the very end and don’t miss out on anything important!

What Fonts Are APA Format?

Here’s the list of the fonts that can be used in APA writing format:

  • Calibri 
  • Arial 
  • Lucida Sans Unicode
  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Computer Modern

Contrary to standard writing styles, APA formatting supports only some specific fonts, all of which must be quite readable in order for anyone reading the research paper to understand it entirely. Not to mention that APA style fonts must be available in almost all types of writing software.

Furthermore, these fonts must include all alphabet letters, math symbols, punctuation marks, and Greek letters so that they can be used to write anything. All the fonts listed above are perfect for APA format, so make sure you use them in your upcoming research papers!

Additionally, the APA style includes only two types of fonts, which are sans-serif fonts and serif fonts. It’s because they are always legible and available worldwide. Other font types, like a script and handwritten fonts, can’t be used during this writing style because they are really stylish, which can interfere with the readability.

Lastly, the use of italics is allowed, but only for the following contents:

  • Headings, titles
  • Species
  • Scientific names
  • Key phrases
  • Titles of videos, movies, and books

APA Style Font Size

The APA style font size is between 8 and 12. Any size between these numbers is acceptable since they are easy to read.

However, one thing to keep in mind while writing these papers is that every letter in your paper should be the same size.

For example, if you are writing in 11 pt, then your headings, numbers, tables, lists, and references must be in 11 pt as well.

APA Style Font Spacing

Last but not least, APA-style spacing is something that must not be ignored.

Most professionals recommend double-space lines.

The double spacing provides enough space for anyone to add comments and marks. So make sure your whole document has double spacing everywhere, including the title page, quotes, reference list, and notes.