Instagram is much more than posting informative, promotional content or creating interactive feeds. It is a platform that anyone can benefit from – right from graphic designers to coders to marketers.

An oozing profession needs skills and a little courage to promote them on social media platforms to get noticed. If you are among the graphic design professionals who want to learn more about gaining the most from Instagram, this article is for you.

Stay tuned to get some tips on how you should showcase your talent and present your brand on one of the most amazing platforms out there.

1. Optimize Your Bio

Let’s start from the basics. Your bio is one of the few things that your friends, followers, and audience notice, particularly when you are a freelance graphic designer. Your bio must give a quick insight into who you are, what you do, and you may help. Work a little harder to strengthen your online presence to get noticed and attract more clients.

2. Involve Your Audience

Post informative content and encourage your followers to engage actively and share their views, suggestions, and ideas. More engagements will stand a better chance to get seen by people, including clients. Write catchy captions around something that attracts your audience’s attention and include questions where possible.

3. Delete Your Account

Though this is rare, if due to any unavoided reason, you need to leave Instagram, you might be wondering how I should delete my Instagram account. Right? Note that once you do it, there’s no coming back. All your photos, posts, and followers list will be deleted right away, and you won’t be able to log into your account with the username and password credentials.

4. Collaborate With Designers

Working with expert graphic designers will give you the chance to learn new tips and tricks. You can explore hacks about exploring the graphic designing tools more creatively. You might be great at designing brochures but not so talented in creating business cards. In that case, reach out to a connection which is, and in return, teach them what you know the best.

5. Add Call-to-Action

Did you know you can add CTAs to your profile? Try it out, as it’s an excellently amazing promotional opportunity for graphic designers. Add a link to your website so that your audience can check out your portfolio. You can even invite people to check your design work and vote for the designs. Business accounts have the option to add action buttons to the bio.

6. Stay Consistent & Organized

Following the right Instagram marketing strategy is among the most helpful marketing tips that enable you and your audience to stay connected. Plan a day and be consistent in posting your digital work or something interesting that compels the audience to engage. Select different types of content for a balanced feed and better response from the audience.

7. Use Hashtags for Better Reach

Instagram allows you to reach your audience and followers where they are; using hashtags can even expand the horizon. Using relevant hashtags, you can even reach out to the graphic design communities that might have something big for you. Make sure to use hashtags wisely and avoid any kind of overuse. You can even enhance your posts with captivating fonts.

A Few Tips for Instagram Beginners

Manage Comment Settings on Your Post

If you are new to Instagram and want to learn the tips to manage your comments on the posts, read this. On Instagram, you can control who says what on your content. This feature is most important for business accounts where you don’t want your audience to read trolling comments or hate comments floating on professional pictures.

Filter Comments by Keywords

From the mobile app, navigate to Options, select Comments, tap to toggle Hide Inappropriate Comments, and then choose keywords you want to filter from your comment section.

Delete Comments

Click on the speech bubble icon beneath the comment you want to delete, and slightly swipe left. You will see a delete icon along with a reply button. Tap on delete to permanently remove the comment from your post.

Disable Comments Entirely

Please remember, you cannot disable comments entirely from your profile, you can only remove comments from specific posts of yours.

Here’s how:

While posting a photo you don’t want anybody to comment on, select Advanced settings from the very bottom. This will open a screen that shows an option labeled Turn off Commenting.

Collect All Your Saved Posts

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you would have a bunch of Instagram screenshots stored in your gallery. Well, what if I told you in addition to viewing photos, Instagram also lets you save them for you to revisit these photos later? Amazing hack, no?

Here’s how:

Go to the profile, tap on the Settings icon from the top right corner of your screen, and then select Saved. Now press the + button and add to your new collection. Create as many folders as you like.

To save photos, you can click on the bookmark icon from below the photo you want to add. Follow the previous steps to access your collection.