Today, We’ll show you an Adobe XD plugin that helps us to create clean arrow lines for your projects. Arrow lines are essential in the creation of a flowchart. It’s not a free plugin. You have to purchase it from Flowkit’s website.
PS: It’s NOT a paid promotion.

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adobe xd arrow line
adobe xd arrow line

Flowkit is a lifesaver for every UI designer. This tool can save a ton of time by providing excellent arrow lines. It includes Snake lines, Straight lines, and Curve lines. Features like adjusting the line thickness, the shape of tips are added as well. Also, the plugin supports other UI designing tools like Figma and Sketch. Don’t worry about installation there’s a detailed installation guide is available on their website.


Flowkit has two pricing plans. If you’re an individual purchase the Pro plan. Or you are a team of designers choose Team plan.

flowkit plugin pricing
Price may change in the future

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