Nowadays, selling some zipper hoodies isn’t an easy task. Although they may look good, people hesitate to buy them as they are afraid that they will purchase a bad product. If this is the reason your sales are going down nowadays, then it’s time for you to upgrade your fashion business and try out working with some mockup hoodies.

Indeed, there are thousands of mockups available on the internet, but not all of them are perfect for your zipper hoodies. They may not be able to represent your products, which can be harmful to the hoodies and your fashion business. And that’s the reason today we are presenting you with a list of some amazing zip hoodie mockups!

If you were in search of some hoodie mockups, then stop it right away since we have listed all the mockups you will ever need. Not to mention, a great thing about them is that some of them are free while others are paid.

This means, it doesn’t matter whether you have money or not, you can still try some good hoodie mockups and bring your business to the track! Therefore, to know more about them, keep reading till the end so that you don’t miss anything important.

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Why You Should Use Zipper Hoodie Mockups?

Mockups are important for any kind of business. It doesn’t matter whether you sell pillows or toothbrushes; if you want to sell something, then you must let your customers try out your products. This is especially important when you are selling zipper hoodies since your customers will be wearing them all day. They need to make sure they buy the most comfortable and perfect hoodie ever.

So, when you give some zipper hoodie mockups to your customers, they will get a chance to see how the actual product will work, which can make it easier for them to decide whether they need it or not.

Put some full zip-up hoodie mockups on your online store and let your audience try them. You will eventually gain some more fans, which will increase your sales and help your hoodies become even more popular!

12 Stunning Zipper Hoodie Mockups 

Here’s a list of some of the best zipper hoodie templates available on the internet. All of them are just perfect choices for all your hoodies, so make sure to try them out soon:

1. Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie Mockup (Free)

Let’s start this list with the Unisex flex fleece zip hoodie mockup by Graphicheroco. This template is a unisex hoodie, which means it doesn’t matter whether you are designing products for men or women, it will fit any style with ease.

Not to mention, it’s really beautiful as well, which will make your customers fall in love with your hoodies at first sight. Lastly, this template is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

2. Man Hoodie Fashion Mock-Up

A hoodie template must be easy to edit. That’s why we are presenting you with the Man Hoodie Fashion Mock-Up! A hoodie template can add a stunningly realistic look to your projects, making them more appealing for your projects.

Furthermore, this file is especially for men, so if you are selling hoodies, especially for men, then this mockup can come in handy. Also, do not forget that this template has changeable colors.

3. Zipup Hoodie Mockup

Designed by the Mock Shop, the Zipup Hoodie Mockup is one of the best template files you will ever find on the internet. Why? It provides many amazing features that other hoodie mockups can’t.

For example, it has sharp details and adds realistic lighting like an expert.
Additionally, it’s really easy to edit as well; you can change the color in a matter of seconds, which makes it really versatile!

Organizing layers makes it even easier to use. As a result, purchasing this hoodie zipper mockup is a worthwhile idea!

4. Black Hoodie With Zipper Mockup

No matter what generation, black is always in fashion, so designing some of your hoodie mockups with this Black hoodie right side with a zipper mockup wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s really stylish and attractive, which will surely be loved by your customers.

Another stunning benefit this template provides is that you get to keep your logo on the upper right-hand side. Placing your logo in such a place will keep it in front of everyone’s eyes, which will make it easier for you to represent your brand.

5. Men Zip Folded Hoodie Mockup (Free)

Men’s zip-folded hoodie mockup is another sweet template file designed by Graphicheroco. It’s really simple and easy to design. Whenever you need a minimalist look for your projects, then this hoodie mockup can be a perfect choice.

As its name suggests, this hoodie mockup is especially for men, but if needed, it can be used by women too. So make sure you try out this file as soon as possible since it’s free for both personal and commercial use.

6. Full Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup

Do you use Placeit? If so, then this mockup file is especially for you, since the only way to obtain it is to get a Placeit subscription! It’s a stylish mockup that can help your customers understand how amazing the real hoodie will be.

It can be customized with vibrant colors, which makes it even more versatile and attractive than ever. So those who already have a Placeit subscription must try out this stunning hoodie mockup to increase their sales.

7. Hoodie Mockups PSD (Free)

Sometimes it’s good to choose simple designs over stylish ones because many people are in love with clean and minimalist hoodies. That is why you should use Hoodie Mockups PSD for your next project.

Just like many other templates in this list, you can change this mockup’s color as well, which can help you create many creative combinations. Another great thing you must not forget about this template is that you can add some objects too, which will make your hoodies even better.

8. Free Hoodie Mockup

Easy and quick to edit, zip-up hoodie templates are always fun to use and give peace of mind. So, if you are tired of designing some complicated mockups, then the Free Hoodie Mockup has got your back!

It’s a free to use template, which means there’s no need to buy it. Just enter the website and get the file right away. Add objects and colors to make your design iconic. Your audience will surely love it!

9. Rue Porter Zip Hoodie Mockups

The Rue Porter zip hoodie mockup is probably the best hoodie template ever created. With its fantastic features, it can help you make the most impressive product images that will be sure to be loved by everyone purchasing your hoodies.

Additionally, this file provides you with 4000×4000 pixel size, which gives an outstanding resolution quality for your hoodie images.

10. Bella Canvas 3739 Mockups

If you want your product images to look attractive and promising, then buying Bella Canvas 3739 Mockups is a must. It’s a captivating mockup file that can make your hoodies shine with ease. With 4K resolution quality, your customers won’t face any problems while checking the zipper hoodies.
Adding realism to images is just a piece of cake for this mockup file.

Not to mention, even beginners can make perfect product images if they use this mockup file. So be sure you purchase the Bella Canvas 3739 Mockups to add some perfection to your work.

11. Free Men’s Hoodie Mockup PSD

In the modern age, modern hoodies are important. That’s why we have bought a futuristic-styled mockup hoodie template. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling hoodies for kids, men, women, or teens, as long as they love hoods, they will surely purchase your products once they see them.

It has everything your dream mockup hoodie will ever need, from aesthetics to viability. It’s just perfect for each use. So use it as much as you want, as it’s free to use for everyone.

12. Man Hoodie Mockup

Finally, let’s end this list with the iconic Man Hoodie Mockup, which is always ready to make your products stand out from the crowd. This mockup provides you with some useful features like 8 distinct backgrounds, removal shadows, and colorable files, which will surely make it easier for you to design new samples.

If your main focus is on men’s hoodies, then make sure you do not ignore this template since it’s especially for them. Just make sure to purchase it first as it’s a paid zipper hoodie mockup.

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