In the world of typography, the most overlooked and ignored topic is the number of fonts.

Many people consider them useless and ignore them, but the truth is that they deserve to be treated the same as letter fonts. Without them, you can’t design infographics, landing pages, pricing tables, and many attractive logos.

Therefore, if you want to give them a chance and design your upcoming projects with them, then it means you will need some amazing vintage number fonts.

However, finding some of the best retro number fonts can suddenly be problematic!

That’s why, to save you time and energy, we have gathered some of the best number fonts you will surely love!

The best thing about this list is that it contains only a number of fonts and standard fonts at the same time. This means, that with some amazing numbers, you get aesthetic letters as well.

Therefore, make sure to use them and create some amazing designs to show the world how wonderful a number of fonts are!

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10 Retro Vintage Number Fonts 

Here’s a list of the best number fonts with both vintage and modern feel:

1. Clement Numbers


The first font added to the list is an only-number font known as Clement Numbers, which was designed by Impallari Type.

It can be considered one of the most famous number fonts since the style used in it is really vintage and is used in many famous places.

These qualities make Clement Numbers a favorite typeface of many designers with ease.

If you are wondering where to use this font, then it would be a great idea to design some house number plates with it. Lastly, this font isn’t free, so make sure to buy its license before using it.

2. BoldPrice


A number and currency typeface with a retro twist, BoldPrice.

It was designed by Vatesdesign and released in 2014. Soon after its release, it became a popular font because of its vintage vibes.

Furthermore, it comes in two incredible weights: regular and bold. If you want more readability, the bold version is the better choice.

Not to mention, this typeface can look excellent in logos or on websites for restaurants, eateries, second-hand stores, and other establishments with an antique feel.

Lastly, this typeface costs only a few dollars, so buying it is a totally worthwhile option!

3. Hardsign

Hardsign is an amazing vintage serif font that can make your designs look way more stunning than before.

Although it’s a letter font, it has really beautifully designed numbers that will work well in any kind of design.

Additionally, this font is inspired by classical times, which makes it a perfect option for those looking for a vintage or retro font.

This font would look amazing on big screens, so designing some posters, T-shirts, or book covers that include numbers with it would be a great idea.

4. Oversouth Font


Oversouth is designed by Hendry Juanda and published by Letterhend. It is a charming font that will surely become your favorite!

It is another font that has a vintage and retro feel to it, which is why we included it on the list. Also, when it comes to number design, nothing can beat this font.

If you want your designs to stand out from the crowd, then numbers designed with the Oversouth font can be an ideal choice.

Whether you want headlines or logos, everything will look just amazing with Oversouth, so make sure to try it at least once.

5. Franchise


Are you looking for a retro font with a modern touch? If so, then we present to you, Franchise! It’s a stylish typeface that was designed by Vladimir Nikolic.

It has some amazingly designed numbers that will surely enhance your projects more than ever.

Many people consider this font a great choice for almost anything, so whether they are text or logos, your numbers will surely stand out!

6. Fashion Stamp


Thanks to Typeline studios for designing Fashion Stamp, which is a really dazzling serif font.

As the name suggests, this font is inspired by stamps used in olden times, which gives it a retro and vintage style.

Additionally, this font has high readability because of its large size and bold style, so do not miss a chance to create logos and titles with this font.

Lastly, number plates designed with this font will look so elegant, so you should try this font soon!

7. Scourge


Whenever you need a font with runic and ancient vibes, Scourge has always got your back! It’s a font that you can never forget because of its unique lettering style.

It may be hard to understand the letters designed, but the numbers look really charming and understandable!

This is why using this font with numbers is a good idea.

8. The Barista

The Barista is one of those fonts that can give you both a modern and a vintage feel. Inspired by vintage typefaces and vinyl recordings.

This font includes lovely ligatures, numerous unique alternate glyphs, decorations, and support for other languages.

The font is incredibly adaptable and looks fantastic in both large and small sizes, which makes it an ideal pick for numbers.

Lastly, The Barista can be used as a multipurpose powerhouse font for logos, headlines, posters, and shirts.

So, take your favorite numbers and start designing everything you can!

9. Rocking Rochoes

If you love cowboy-styled fonts, then Rocking Rochoes will become your best friend soon!

Rocking Rochoes is another vintage font with highly stylized letters that gives designs amazing energy to stand out.

It’s a hand-drawn font that can be used for almost any purpose, which means you will never regret using it for your number designs.

All the numbers decorated with this font will surely look dazzling, so do not hesitate to buy this font and design something amazing.

10. AntsyPants

As the last font of this list, we present you with AntsyPants, a cute and funny font that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

This font was inspired by old cartoons, which is the reason this font won’t fail at giving retro vibes.

And since this font is inspired by cartoons, it will be a great idea to use this font for your kids.

You can design numbers with this font, they will surely look cute, and then print them on t-shirts to make your kid happier than ever.

Wrapping Up

Numbers are really important in the typography world, and with them, you can improve your skills even more.

Therefore, make sure to use fonts like Clement Numbers, The Barista, and Scourge as they are some of the best number fonts.

Lastly, some of the above fonts aren’t free, but buying their licenses is a worthwhile option as they are really cheap!

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