The Mummy is one of the most iconic films ever made. Everyone loved it, and it’s guaranteed that you loved it as well!

From the storyline to the actors, everything in this movie was just perfect. The humor and dialogues were also amazing, which made many fans go crazy.

One more element, though, that should be acknowledged for the movie’s success: the font chosen to create the Mummy movie’s logo!

Mummy’s logo was regarded as one of the most excellent logos ever created at the time of its release.

It is catchy, beautiful, attractive, and readable. Anyone who notices the logo will surely get interested and won’t be able to stop themselves from entering the theatre.

This is why the Mummy movie has become so popular.

So are you thinking about using the Mummy font for your next projects but don’t know the name of the font?

If so, then make sure you read this post until the very end, since here we are going to explain everything about the Mummy movie and the fonts used!

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The Mummy Font

Trajan is a serif font that was designed by Carol Twombly in 1989 for Adobe.

The font used in The Mummy title is Trajan.

This font was inspired by carved letters by the Romans, which perfectly fits the accident and desert theme of the Mummy.

After some time, Carol added numbers, punctuation, and many useful characters, along with the bolder version of this font, to the Trajan family.

All these options give designers a great opportunity to create many amazing designs, like the Mummy logo.

Therefore, if you are a designer, then make sure to purchase Trajan soon since this is a paid font, which means before using it you must buy its license!

About The Mummy Movie

The Mummy is a fantasy action adventure movie that was released in 1999.

It was directed and written by Stephen Sommers, and actually, this movie was a remake of the film Mummy, which was released in 1932.

Brendan Fraser, John Hannah, Rachel Weisz, Arnold Vosloo, and Kevin J. O’Connor were some of the leading actors in this movie. If you want to know the plot of the Mummy movie, then here’s some info:

In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Seti’s priest Imhotep falls in love with his mistress Anck-Su-Namun, and when Pharaoh discovers the affair, the priest and his mistress murder him.

After that murder, the priest tries to run away, but Pharaoh’s guards catch him and seal him alive with flesh-eating scarab beetles.

Then a Medjai curses the priest that whenever he is resurrected he will bring ten plagues to the earth so that no one revives him. However, after a time skip, we see the lead actors visiting Egypt in 1920 in search of the desert’s treasure.

They accidentally revive the priest in the process, and since he was cursed, he brings the ten plagues to the earth.

Now Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) has to seal back Imhotep so that he can save the world from this deadly curse and get the treasure safely!