Looking for the typeface used to create Ted Lasso’s title card?
The font used to create the Ted Lasso logo is Graphicus DT. You can create similar designs by using this font. It’s a premium font. We’ve added a link to MyFonts where you can purchase this font. Also, we added some free alternatives as well. Enjoy

Graphicus DT

ted lasso font

Graphicus DT is a sans-serif font created by DTP types. It’s very similar to popular fonts such as Futura, Avenir, etc. This font comes in 24 different styles. Use Graphicus DT ExtraBold Oblique to get the best result.

  • File Type: OTF
  • File Size: 127 KB
  • Font Type: Sans-Serif
  • Creator: DTP types


Ted Lasso Font

Ted Lasso is an American comedy TV series created by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt. This sitcom contains 10 episodes (Season 1). Released in 2020 august.

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