Welcome to Graphicpie. In this article, we are going to share with you Free Flag Mockup. It’s a 3D Realistic Flag Mockup template that you can use to create patriotic designs, Flag design presentations, etc. This mockup template is consists of 8 PSD(8 angles) files. If you are new to photoshop? Don’t worry This freebie comes with a usage guide and tutorial video. This mockup is created using a smart object layer. So you can add your design and customize it easily.
Thanks to Yuliya Matysh for creating this awesome 3D mockup.

How to use

1. Editing 3d Layers

If you like it you can download the full version of it here
Find and select layer ‘FLAg‘ In the Layers panel
Click on ‘Reveals layer effects in the panel’ to see all parameters for 3d layer
Double click on the parameter ‘double_Click_To_Edit‘
A new file with blueprint will open
Paste your design
For a smoother result, you can render the 3d layer

2. Editing Smart-Objects

In the Layers panel right click on the Smart Object Layer you want to edit and press ‘Edit Contents’
A new file will open, paste your design here; After that Save it and close. The changes will be made automatically to your main PSD file.

3. Lens Blur effect

Create new layer > right click on this layer and press Flatten Image
Go to Filters>Blur>Lens Blur. In the dialog box select as a source Alpha 1 channel and uncheck the Invert checkbox
Now you ready to make all adjustments, just play with Radius and other options, to achieve a better view.


Minimum Photoshop Version: CS3
File Format: PSD
Smart Objects: Yes
Layer structure: Well organized
Size: 14 MB
Free For: Personal and Commercial Use
Author: Yuliya Matysh


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