Today we are back again with an awesome display font. The font used to create the Ragnarok title card is Baron Neue. You can download this font from below for free. Check out our TV Font Collection for more fonts.

Baron Neue

netflix ragnorak font
Baron Ragnorak Font

Baron Neue font is a free font created by Frank Hemmekam. You can create eye-catching posters similar to Ragnarok. Thanks to the designers for creating this awesome typeface. You can download this font from

  • File Type: OTF
  • File Size: 1.6 MB
  • Font Type: Display
  • Creator: Frank Hemmekam

Ragnarok Netflix Series

Ragnorak Netflix Font

Ragnarok is a Netflix drama created by Mogens Hagedorn. It contains 2 Seasons. The main characters are Magne Seier and Laurits Seier.

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