Looking for the font used to create Peaky Blinder’s title card? Then you are in the right place. The title is custom work, But we got some similar alternatives. You can use these fonts to achieve the same effect. Check out our TV font collection for more fonts.

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Clarendon BT Condensed

peaky blinders font
peaky blinders font

Clarendon BT Condensed is created by Bitsream Staff Designer, Benjamin Fox. This is not a free font. You can purchase this font from fonts.com

  • File Type: TTF
  • File Size: 51 KBD
  • Font Type: Slab Serif
  • Designer: Benjamin Fox

Free Alternative

Alycidon Condensed

peaky blinders font free
  • Designed By: Kitch22
  • Category: Sans-serif
  • File Size: 6.6kb
  • Free For: Personal Use

Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders font

Peaky Blinders is a TV series by Steven Knight. Digitally released by Netflix. It contains 30 episodes. The main character Thomas Shelby is played by Cillian Murphy

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