There are plenty of people on Fiverr selling design services. However, not all of them have the same quality. If you are looking for an NFT design, then it would take a lot of time to explore each provider’s service one by one. Therefore, we’ve decided to find out the Best NFT Artists on Fiverr. You can hire one of them and make money from NFTs.

Fiverr is one of the most popular online service markets, where you can buy and sell numerous different digital products and services. It is easy to use and it has a great selection of designers at all skill levels. By hiring an artist from Fiverr, you can get your work created quickly and at a fraction of the price.



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NFT Designer For Hire

We have divided the list into 3 – Low Budget, Medium Budget, and High Budget based on designer charges.

High Budget Artists

1. Gameartgiger

Gig Title: I will design original 3d NFT art cards and coins for the crypto market

nft card graphic artist

Gameartgiger is an experienced level 2 seller. He received 200+ reviews for his gigs.

If you choose the higher-priced option ($300), you will get 8 premium NFT art cards with 6 revisions. Artworks are delivered in GIF & MP4 file formats.

He can create artworks for the following topics

  • CyberPunk Crypto art cards
  • Pixel-based Crypto Art and Gifs
  • Digital NFT Collage cards
  • Trading Cards Design for NFT
  • Sports NFT Artworks
  • Game Collectibles and Skin Design For NFT Art Collection & More.
nft artist pricing

Medium Budget Artists

2. ViralVfx

Gig Title: I will create unique nft crypto art cards or coins in 3d

best nft artist

I highly recommend this freelancer if you want to create a trading card NFT. Trading cards are easy to sell, compared to other forms of NFT.

For the price of $70, you will get an HD 3D coin or card. Available formats are MP4, JPEG, and GIF. Viralvfx’s is on the Fiverr platform since July 2020. This artist was able to become a 5-star level 2 seller during that period of time.

Choose this artist if you’re on a medium budget (under $100).

nft card freelancer artist
Example work

3. Jarm57

Gig Title: I will create an awesome crypto art nft image you can sell

best nft artist to hire

José Martins goes by the handle jarm57 is a professional crypto NFT artist from Portugal.

Most of his works are realistically painted. He listed 3 different packages. Basic – Image, Standard – GIF, Premium – Video.

The basic package includes 1 illustration or photo manipulation image. Every package has the same features like 2-day delivery, 1 revision, and HD file.

Premium is suitable for video NFTs. People go crazy for them. So my recommendation is to order a premium package from this Fiverr artist.

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4. Akarshsp

Gig Title: I will create 3d nft art card for you

best nft artist on fiverr

Yet another NFT card artist. I chose this seller because of its affordability. He can deliver 3 animated NFT cards for $50. Which is an awesome deal.

Speaking of his experience, he is a Fiverr member since Dec 2018. Also, the seller has a quick response time of 1 hour.

Akarsh focuses on creating professional designs that are also unique. By looking at his past works we can say that he does deliver premium and unique NFTs for the price.

Low Budget

5. Leandroelle

Gig Title: I will create a work of art for crypto art nft

best nft art freelancer on fiverr

Leandroelle using the latest software techniques to ensure the best possible result for your NFT project and adapts to your needs. He is committed to ensuring that the customer is always satisfied. Below are just a few examples of his work.

He has a star rating of 4.9. I suggest this if you’re on a tight budget. Choose the $20 package which gives you 2 NFTs. This gig is very affordable as compared to other Fiverr NFT gigs.

From the examples, it is clear that he can create any type of image artwork. He can deliver your NFT artworks in PNG file format.

6. Harsimarjit_

Gig Title: I will make the best voxel art, may it be for games or nft

I will make the best voxel art ,may it be for games or nft

If you want a unique artwork to sell as an NFT, this gig is for you. Harsimarjit will create a detailed voxel art for $20. You can create any scene or landscape. Unique artworks sell like hot cakes as NFTs.

One of the cool things about this designer is he has a star rating of 5. Most of the reviews are very positive.

Some examples of his work

What can I sell as an NFT?

You can sell almost anything as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Almost everything that has a monetary value minted onto it today (or any time) can be sold as an NFT. Some examples of an NFT: Digital artworks, An in-game item, A domain name, Collectibles such as trading cards, etc.

Where can I sell NFT art?

You can buy and sell NFTs from marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, AtomicMarket, etc.

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