There are plenty of people on Fiverr selling design services. However, not all of them have the same quality.

If you are looking for an NFT designer, then it would take a lot of time to explore each provider’s services one by one. Therefore, we’ve decided to find out the Best NFT Artists on Fiverr.

You can hire one of them and make money from NFTs.

Fiverr is one of the most popular online service markets, where you can buy and sell numerous different digital products and services. It is easy to use and it has a great selection of designers at all skill levels.

By hiring an artist from Fiverr, you can get your work created quickly and at a fraction of the price. Yes, Fiverr has the best NFT artists at the cheapest price.

Top NFT Designers For Hire

1. Gameartgiger

Gig Title: I will design original 3d NFT art cards and coins for the crypto market

nft card graphic artist

As a level 2 seller, Gameartgiger has a lot of experience. His gigs received more than 200 reviews.

The higher-priced option ($300) includes eight premium NFT art cards with six revisions. Various file formats are offered for the submission of artwork, including GIFs and MP4s

He can create artwork for the following topics

  • CyberPunk Crypto art cards
  • Pixel-based Crypto Art and Gifs
  • Digital NFT College cards
  • Trading Cards Design for NFT
  • Sports NFT Artworks
  • Game Collectibles and Skin Design For NFT Art Collection & More.
nft artist pricing

2. ViralVfx

Gig Title: I will create unique nft crypto art cards or coins in 3d

best nft artist

This freelancer is highly recommended if you want to create an NFT of trading cards. When compared with other forms of NFT, trading cards are easy to sell.

For the price of $70, you will get an HD 3D coin or card. There are three formats available: MP4, JPEG, and GIF. Viralvfx’s is on the Fiverr platform since July 2020. In that timeframe, this artist became a 5-star level 2 seller.

Choose this artist if you’re on a medium budget (under $100).

nft card freelancer artist
Example work

3. Jarm57

Gig Title: I will create an awesome crypto art nft image you can sell

best nft artist to hire

José Martins goes by the handle jarm57 is a professional crypto NFT artist from Portugal.

Most of his works are realistically painted. He listed 3 different packages. Basic – Image, Standard – GIF, Premium – Video.

The basic package includes 1 illustration or photo manipulation image. Every package has the same features like 2-day delivery, 1 revision, and HD file.

Premium is suitable for video NFTs. People go crazy for them. So my recommendation is to order a premium package from this Fiverr artist.

4. Akarshsp

Gig Title: I will create 3d nft art card for you

best nft artist on fiverr

Yet another NFT card artist. I chose this seller because of its affordability. He can deliver 3 animated NFT cards for $50. Which is an awesome deal.

Speaking of his experience, he is a Fiverr member since Dec 2018. Also, the seller has a quick response time of 1 hour.

Akarsh focuses on creating professional designs that are also unique. By looking at his past works we can say that he does deliver premium and unique NFTs for the price.

5. Leandroelle

Gig Title: I will create a work of art for crypto art nft

best nft art freelancer on fiverr

Leandroelle uses the latest software techniques to ensure the best possible result for your NFT project and adapts to your needs. He is committed to ensuring that the customer is always satisfied. Below are just a few examples of his work.

He has a star rating of 4.9. I suggest this if you’re on a tight budget. Choose the $20 package which gives you 2 NFTs. This gig is very affordable compared to other Fiverr NFT gigs.

From the examples, it is clear that he can create any type of image artwork. He can deliver your NFT artwork in PNG file format.

6. Harsimarjit_

Gig Title: I will make the best voxel art, may it be for games or nft

I will make the best voxel art ,may it be for games or nft

If you want unique artwork to sell as an NFT, this gig is for you. Harsimarjit will create a detailed voxel art for $20. You can create any scene or landscape. Unique artworks sell like hotcakes as NFTs.

One of the cool things about this designer is he has a star rating of 5. Most of the reviews are very positive.

Some examples of his work

6. Runninblood

Gig Title: I will create you an entire custom nft pixel art collection

There is no way we can ignore pixel art when it comes to NFTs. One of the most popular NFT projects Crypto Punk is basically a collection of pixel art. You can try selling pixel art as NFTs. They are easy to create and sell.

This artist can generate over 10000 different pixel artworks based on your idea. So you just have to place an order with your NFT idea. He will deliver all the artwork within a week.

The artist has over seven years of experience in pixel-based art, game mockups, animations, tilesets, and everything in between. That’s why he charges more for his services. It’s well worth the price.

He has 3 pricing packages based on the no. of NFT artworks:

  • 1000 Pixel art NFT collection
  • 5000 Pixel art NFT collection
  • 10000 Pixel art NFT collection

7. Ramialhakim

hire nft artists

Gig Title: I will draw cute, cool, creative nft art for you

Ramialhakim is probably the best NFT artist available on Fiverr who specializes in original NFT trait arts. He’s really responsive, has a 5-star rating, and guarantees to deliver projects in the given time, which easily makes him a perfect choice for your work. If you are looking forward to making a collection of NFT art, then hiring him is something you will never regret.

Ramialhakim’s package prices start at $26 for a basic project, which will include 1 base character, 1 accessory, and 1 background. Then the standard package starts at $256 and includes a base character with 10 accessories. Finally, the premium one starts at $1049 with 1 base character, 50 traits, and a background.

nft artists for hire

8. Kurvacadavra

Gig Title: I will create custom pfp collectible nft art and generate 10k collection

If you are looking for an artist who will create something better than your expectations, then you must hire Kurvacadavra soon. He’s an NFT artist who often surprises his clients with his outstanding 2D art in comic style. Just explain to him what you need, and he will give you something better than your imagination in just a few days.

He’s a top-rated seller on Fiverr with a 4.9-star rating. Not to mention, the packages provided by this artist are really reasonable, ranging from $70 to $2500. The premium package includes 1 character with 100 traits, and it’s recommended for those buyers who want to create their own large NFT collection.

Lastly, each pack has a specific amount of revisions so that you can always ask the artist to make changes to the designs.

9. Nuraroni

custom nft artist hire

Gig Title: I will create your own unique nft art generated collections

Normally Nuraroni Studios designs logos, but NFT Arts is their other specialty, which made them a Level 2 seller on Fiverr with a 5-star rating. Nursoni is an amazing team of decent digital artists who will deliver your request really quickly with outstanding results. All you have to do is clearly describe your idea and give them a picture for reference. Afterward, they will make sure they design something that you will surely love!

Furthermore, just like every other NFT artist, Nuraroni also has three packages of their work; the basic one ranges from $52 and includes a single base character. The medium pack will start at $850, which includes two base characters and 30 traits.

Last but not least, the premium package is a 10K NFT collection, which costs $2099. This will include one character and 100+ different traits.

10. Fitrazzramaaa

Gig Title: I will create a doodles character style nft art collection for you

With more than 300 successful projects, Fitrazzramaa and his team are ready to take on your next NFT project. They are one of the best designer teams available on Fiverr, especially when it comes to NFT arts. They have successfully created many astonishing NFT collections, which helped them get a 5-star rating with ease.

As a team, they are really responsive; they will surely reply to your messages within an hour and submit projects in just a few days.

Additionally, they have really affordable packages ranging from $20 to $1,679. Their specialty is doddle-styled NFT collections, which look really cute and easily help them stand out.

11. Poppy_lights

Gig Title: I will create nft art and generate a collection with metadata

As long as Sharky and his team, the Poppy_lights, are available on Fiverr, it’s impossible to not receive some quality NFT services. Poppy_lights is a small team of talented graphic designers assembled by their leader Sharky. They are top-rated on Fiverr and keep getting orders every now and then because of their 5-star rating. They are specialists in 2D arts, so if you need a 2D-styled NFT collection, do not forget to hire Poppy_lights.

All of their packages are amazing, but the most attractive one is the premium package. Its pricing starts at $2088 and includes 1 base artwork, 100 traits, and 10,000 unique NFTs. With this pack, you will get your work done in just 14 days with unlimited revisions, which makes hiring Poppy_lights even more affordable.


How Do I Hire An NFT Designer?

You can hire an NFT designer from platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, etc.

Our recommendation is to hire from Fiverr due to its ease of use. There are gigs on Fiverr for every budget. There is no better option than this one.

Moreover, Fiverr gigs come with revisions, so if you don’t like the design, you can request corrections without paying extra.

What can I sell as an NFT?

You can sell almost anything as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Almost everything that has a monetary value minted onto it today (or at any time) can be sold as an NFT.

Some examples of an NFT: Digital artworks, An in-game item, A domain name, Collectibles such as trading cards, etc.

Where can I sell NFT art?

You can buy and sell NFTs from marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, AtomicMarket, etc. These platforms are very well-known for NFTs.

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