Looking for the font used in Money Heist’s logo?

Then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to share with you the font used in Money Heist also known as La Casa De Papel. Netflix released this iconic series in Dec 2017. It was originally released by the Spanish network Antena, later Netflix acquired the show.

The font used in Money Heist’s logo is Compacta. Compacta font is available in six different styles. Choose the one that most closely resembles your brand identity.

The logo has played a significant role in the series’ popularity. The simplicity of the logo makes it easy to read and comprehend the title.

La Casa De Papel Font
La Casa De Papel Money Heist Font

Money Heist Font

La Casa De Papel Font download

Brett Ratner’s movie Tower Heist looks similar to the Money Heist logo.

Compacta is the font used in Money Heist’s logo. It is a sans-serif bold font, published by ITC and created by Fred Lambert. You can get the font by clicking the link below.

It comes in 6 styles:

  • Compacta Regular
  • Compacta Italic
  • Compacta Bold
  • Compacta Bold Italic
  • Compacta Com Black
  • Compacta Std Light
  • Compacta Std Regular
  • Compacta Std Italic
  • Compacta Std Bold
  • Compacta Std Black
  • Compacta Std Light Compressed

Compacta Free Alternatives

There are many free alternatives to Compacta available if you are on a tight budget. These are free to download and use. However, you must read the license before using it commercially. The majority of free fonts are only available for personal use.

1. Coluna Font

2. NHL San Jose

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