Gill Sans is truly one of the most loved and widely used fonts in history.

It’s been 94 years since the font was released and yet people keep using it to make their designs look iconic! It’s a typeface that everyone would like to use at least once in their life, but not every designer can afford it, as it’s way too expensive.

You may feel that you will never be able to design anything with this dazzling font, but this is where alternative fonts come in to save the day! Luckily, there are just so many outstanding typefaces that look similar to Gill Sans.

Therefore, especially for you, we have gathered 10 free alternatives to Gill Sans that would replace it with ease. So, if you are stuck in a situation like this, why not try these replacements?

Since some of them are so good that you will forget that Gill Sans ever existed!

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Gill Sans Font

Eric Gill’s Gill Sans is one of the most beautiful humanistic sans serif fonts ever that was released by Monotype Company in 1928!

Soon after its release, the typeface became really popular and became usable for almost any kind of design. Whether you wanted logo designs or company banners, Gill Sans was a perfect fit for everything.

Even today, you can use it for any purpose because it has 15 different styles!

The thinner ones can be perfect for text or paragraphs, and the boldest ones can make your logos look stunning.

10 Similar Fonts To Gill Sans 

1. P22 Underground

P22 is one of those sans serif fonts that give a modern feel even though it is a classic font.

This font was designed and released by Edward Johnston in 1997, and later they released its improved version in 2007.

Furthermore, it’s a clean and easy-to-read font, and it’s the best choice for book covers, brand designs, and printing purposes.

2. ITC Johnston

ITC Johnston wouldn’t be present here if P22 Underground hadn’t existed.

The designers of ITC Johnston, Dave Farey, and Richard Dawson took inspiration from Edward Johnston to create this beautiful font.

Lastly, as a replacement for Gill Sans, this font would be a great choice since both of them are humanist sans serif fonts.

3. CheGuevara Text Sans

If you were looking forward to using Gill Sans light styles for your texts, this can be a great option.

It’s highly legible and when used as text, both fonts look so similar that even professionals will take time to find the differences!

4. Montserrat

Montserrat is one of those fonts that can work well as a replacement for so many fonts, and surprisingly, it can replace Gill Sans as well.

Montserrat has so many styles, from thin to bold, and all are beautiful. However, the most similar style to Gill Sans is medium.

So make sure to try it out!

5. Biryani Regular

Biryani Regular is something we can never forget when looking for fonts similar to Gil Sans.

It’s another excellent choice for text because of its straightforward appearance and high readability!

6. Noirden Sans

If you want something that would completely replace Gill Sans, then we present you with Noirden Sans.

It has just so many bold and light styles, and all of them are so aesthetic that you would never go back to Gill Sans.

Lastly, if you want it to show its true power, then you should design some logos and titles with it.

7. Cabin

You can say Cabin is a sibling typeface of Gill Sans since both of these fonts were designed by Eric Gill.

Cabin is also a humanist sans serif font with many similarities to its sibling.

That alone should persuade anyone to use it in place of Gill Sans!

Lastly, it’s a Google font, which means, unlike Gill Sans, it will be totally free.

8. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a newly designed sans serif font that was released in 2010.

If you want a stylish or more attractive version of Gill Sans, then this can be a great choice. Since it comes in thin, light, regular, bold, and black weights.

Lastly, it has an italic version too, which gives designers multiple chances to create amazing designs.

9. Lato

Lato is the latest typeface available in this list, which receives new versions every now and then.

It’s another humanistic sans serif font, but something that makes it even more special is that it’s been used by more than 9 million websites!

It’s all because it’s considered one of the best Gill Sans alternatives, so you must try it!

10. Prompt Regular

Are you looking for a vintage form of Gill Sans? If so, then Prompt Regular is always ready for you.

It’s a glorious and stylish typeface that’s perfect for logos, branding, and decoration purposes.

Google Fonts Similar to Gill Sans

  • Lato
  • Cabin
  • Montserrat

Fonts Similar to Gill Sans in Canva

Canva is a design platform, app, and website loved by almost every designer. It has hundreds of typefaces available in it, and surprisingly, almost all the fonts mentioned above are also available in it.

The only bad thing about Canva is that you may need to buy its subscription to get access to all the typefaces.

  • Montserrat
  • Prompt Regular
  • Cabin
  • Lato

What Are The Best Pairings For Gill Sans Font? 

Combinations and pairings can make any design look more aesthetic and charming than ever!

And if you have a chance to use Gill Sans, then you can create one of the best designs since Gill Sans looks iconic with some of the following typefaces:

  • Montserrat
  • Superclarendon
  • Minion
  • Didot

Is Gill Sans Free For Commercial Use?

Yes, but you have to purchase the commercial license.

With the free version, only personal use is allowed. So If you don’t have a budget to purchase Gill Sans try out these free alternatives.


Gill Sans is probably one of the best fonts in existence, but if you can’t use it for some reason, then do not feel bad at all!

Because each of the fonts mentioned above can be a perfect replacement for Gill Sans, you should use them in your future projects!

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