The most daunting task anyone can face after switching to Ghost from any other publishing platform like WordPress is choosing the right theme. Whether it’s a business website or a personal one, a theme is something that makes or breaks your site’s future.

Not to mention, this is really important, especially if you own a personal website. Because a personal blog is a place where you can freely show your skills and create better job opportunities. But if you can’t choose a good theme, you may lose a good chance and remain infamous. which is why optimizing your blog with a good theme is necessary.

However, with thousands of choices available on the internet, anyone can get confused, and may fail to choose the suitable template. Many people accidentally pick the wrong templates and then wonder where they went wrong.

Therefore, if you are also stuck in the same situation and can’t find a good template for your website, you have landed in the right place. Since we have compiled a list of the best Ghost themes for personal websites!

All the templates listed below are perfect, so picking any of them will make your blog stand out from the crowd with ease.

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Why Ghost CMS? 

WordPress is a really popular CMS, but Ghost is a way better option, and there are many reasons behind it. First of all, Ghost CMS is a way more straightforward platform. You don’t need to deal with multiple settings to create your website or publish something.

Unlike WordPress, Ghost doesn’t need plug-ins since it has its own core features, like SEO tools, for any kind of work. You don’t need to spend hours finding the best plug-ins and installing them since they are already available there, which gives a hassle-free experience to users.

Also, Ghost CMS is a great choice for beginners because it doesn’t matter whether you have past experience with other CMSs or not, you can work on this platform really easily. With its straightforward and simple style, you can master Ghost in no time.

For all these reasons, Ghost is a perfect choice for personal blogs, since on personal websites you need to work alone. And, even with platforms like WordPress, managing a blog on your own can be exhausting. This easily proves why you must try out Ghost as soon as possible!

8 Best Ghost Themes For Personal Websites

Here’s a list of some of the best Ghost themes available on the internet. Make sure you try most of them since all of them are perfect:

1. Tuuli

Introducing Tuuli, one of the most popular themes for Ghost CMS. This theme is perfect for personal blogs with its easy-to-customize feature. It doesn’t matter what and when you want to customize your site, with just a few clicks you can do it in seconds.

Another appealing feature about Tuuli is that it can set up an amazing hero section for you. It’s an important part of your site, which is why it must get a lot of attention. With Tuuli’s outstanding features, you can create an attractive hero section that will keep your audience engaged.

2. Solo

Solo is a free Ghost theme that can add an iconic, minimalist look to your personal website. Just like Tuuli, this theme is really easy to customize. Although it has a really clean and simple look, it’s still effective.

This theme is highly recommended for new personal blogs since it’s free and very simple to use. If you are looking forward to showing off your work, then choosing Solo as your first theme could be a great idea. Also, do not forget about its dark or light theme, which can be changed with just one click.

3. Ubud

Ubud is a really fun Ghost theme that you must use if you love modern and futuristic styles. It has some great features you may not find in other themes.

Firstly, it has a new-styled layout that would perfectly suit writing blogs, so if you have a personal website where you often publish your thoughts, then you should give it a try to Ubud.

Furthermore, this theme has six different styles to choose from, all of which are excellent. Lastly, do not forget about the wide range of colors to choose from. Make your site as beautiful as you can!

4. Krabi

If you want to showcase multiple things on your blog at once, then Krabi’s two-column layout can come in handy for such a task. The Krabi is another outstanding theme that you should use because many popular websites like Quillette, American Purpose, and Inkcap Journal use it already!

Lastly, this theme also includes a lazy loading feature, which greatly increases the performance of your site and makes it more enjoyable.

5. Arun

If you didn’t like free themes, then maybe you should try this premium template called Arun. This theme is just perfect for anyone who publishes articles. It has a single-column layout, which helps keep your readers engaged in your content no matter what device they use.

Not to mention, this theme is really lightweight, highly responsive, modern, and has a high-speed performance as well. This is all a personal website needs, so trying out Arun can be a beneficial choice.

6. Advant

Those websites which focus more on display must use Advant. A Ghost theme that will work very well for any fashion, food, music, or movie blog.

With Advant, you will get a clean and clutter-free blog, which will be loved by your audience for sure. Another great thing about this template is that it has a dark and light mode which can be changed whenever you need.

7. Nikko

Everyone loves attractive and appealing blogs. That’s why we have bought a dazzling theme called Nikko! If you own a personal blog based on a newsletter, then Nikko is the best theme you will ever find for your site.

Although this template is highly attractive, it is still lightweight and provides a quick performance. Nikko is an SEO-friendly theme as well, so when you install this template you don’t need to worry about SEO-related issues at all.

8. Origin

As the last theme in this list, we present Origin, a paid Ghost website theme that should not be ignored at all. This theme is specially made for those blog owners who don’t like fancy layouts on their sites; it’s just simple and minimal.

Origin proves an easy-to-navigate option that can help your audience reach the post they want without wasting any time. If you talk about its accessibility and performance, then they are perfect as well, and it’s SEO-friendly as well, which means you can trust this theme with your eyes closed!

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How to Choose the Right Theme for a Personal Website

There are many factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a good theme for your personal website. However, if you are a newbie, then this can be hard for you, so follow the tips given below:

Prioritize Layout

Make sure your theme has a good layout, as it’s the first thing your audience will notice, so make sure it’s engaging enough.

SEO Is Always Necessary

Your theme must be SEO-friendly since SEO is the most important thing when it comes to ranking your site and posts on Google.

Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

Performance is the loading speed of a theme. If it can’t load fast enough, then you may lose an audience easily.


When you are starting your first personal website with Ghost, you may face many difficulties, and choosing a good theme is one of them. However, we have mentioned some of the best Ghost themes you will ever find, so make sure to try them for your personal blog.

Lastly, if you still have a hard time picking good themes, then try the tips given above to find the one that suits you well.