An amazing fact about boho style is that it never gets old. Thanks to its free-spirited vibe, bright colors, aesthetic patterns, and romantic appearance, no matter what century you live in, you will always see people falling in love with this dazzling style. However, it’s not only people who enjoy this style, since nowadays even logos are trying it out to easily stand out!

You can take famous brands like Cleobella, Kivari, and Free People as examples. These brands have really attractive logos because they have used the boho style to design them. Boho style doesn’t only make your logos look strong, but it also helps you easily grab the audience’s attention as well! which makes it the perfect choice for any kind of logo design.

Therefore, why not try this style for your own logo? It will surely look so beautiful and help you become successful. But if you are lacking inspiration, don’t worry since we have already compiled a list of some of the best bohemian logos ever! That’s why you should make sure to read this article to the end to know more about them.

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10 Best Bohemian Logo Ideas For Inspiration 

There are thousands of boho-styled logos because of their popularity, but not all of them are good enough. That’s why below we have mentioned the 10 best boho logos for ideas:

1. Cleobella 

Cleobella is a really feminine clothing brand that sells beautiful women’s clothes and accessories most of the time, and an amazing thing about them is that they have used a boho style for their main logo. Just look at it; it looks super dazzling and attractive enough to grab any clothing lover’s attention.

Moreover, the font used for this design looks like a handwritten typeface, which easily suits the feminine style of boho design. And lastly, the logo’s color makes this design complete since it’s bright as every bohemian idea should be!

2. Christy Dawn 

Christy Dawn is one of the most popular brands for luxury clothing, but something that makes them even more popular is its iconic logo. It looks quite simple and minimal, but since it’s designed in the bohemian style, it never fails to stand out.

Furthermore, it has really thin letters, which makes this logo even more cute and aesthetic, which easily proves that no matter what logo tries the bohemian style, it can easily become attractive.

3. Boho Beautiful 

Whether it’s yoga, travel, or lifestyle, if you follow Boho Beautiful, then you will surely learn a lot about them. Boho Beautiful is a lifestyle brand owned by a couple who greatly love following the bohemian style. They have added boho to everything in their lives, which is why they are called the Boho Beautiful.

Surprisingly, even their logo isn’t safe from boho style, and that’s why it looks so aesthetic and charming. Anyone who needs lifestyle content can see their logo and get attracted to their brand because of how peaceful it looks.

4. Anthropologie

Looking for aesthetic furniture, clothing, decoration, or beauty products? No problem, since Anthropologie is here! It’s America’s best clothing retailer that has also adopted the bohemian look! 

Their logo looks quite luxurious and modern, probably because it defines their brand well, but it still leaves an amazing boho vibe. which easily helps them attract more and more customers every day.

5. Kivari

Here comes another brand filled with a lot of bohemian energy, known as Kivari! This brand is really popular for its boho-styled clothing. From wedding dresses to friendly mama clothing, you will get all you need for a bohemian look. 

And of course, their logo is designed in the same style as well. It’s bolder compared to the other logos on this list, which gives it a strong appearance and good readability.

Letters are beautiful enough to grab any bohemian’s attention and leave them at any Kivari store with ease.

6. Tiare Hawaii 

Summer’s coming soon, which means it’s time to buy some swimsuits and light dresses, and for such a task, there’s no better option than Tiare Hawaii. It’s a clothing brand based in Hawaii known for its beautiful boho clothing, which mostly includes swimsuits.

But another thing that makes them even more popular is their heartwarming logo, which is designed in a bright and aesthetic boho style. The letters are super cute, the font is just adorable, and there’s a small flower design for the brand’s representation.


SPELL is probably one of the most successful boho clothing brands that always leave their customers speechless with their creative designs. And that’s the reason even their logo design is just perfect. 

Sharp, simple, and modern with a boho touch that easily fits the brand. All the letters in this logo are capitalized and tall, so they don’t get lost in the crowd and have a sharp style to look unique.

8. Free People

Who doesn’t know Free People? It’s another popular clothing brand that expresses its love for boho style through its products and logo. 

The logo design of Free People is quite feminine and bright, which looks great for their women’s clothing brand. Also, the logo is colored light pink, which is one of the most popular colors for bohemian style as it easily spreads love and happiness, just like the bohemian people.

So try some bohemian ideas like that in your logo too, so that people know how much you love this style.

9. Fillyboo 

There’s nothing that beats Fillyboo’s aesthetic dresses; from colors to looks, they are just perfect in everything, which easily attracts a boho lover. But that wasn’t enough for them, and that’s why they designed their sweet logo, which attracts even more audiences! 

It’s a super cute logo with a cursive font for a feminine look because they sell women’s clothing. And a small bird on the left, symbolizes peace and love, something every single bohemian person loves.

10. Elise Stories 

Want to meet a brand that has everything boho about them? If yes, then here are Elise stories! a charming clothing brand that is well-known for its boho clothing. 

It doesn’t matter what you buy from them; it will surely have a bohemian touch to it, which will make you come back to them again and again. But before you go, take a look at their logo, which is simply very aesthetic and perfect on its own. With its stylish look, it easily describes the brand’s modern side.


Boho logos are some of the most beautiful designs ever. Every logo designed with them always includes feminism, peace, love, and modern style, which easily helps them shine out of the crowd. 

All the logos mentioned above are some beautiful examples of bohemian ideas. So if you want to design your logo in this style, make sure to add all these important elements for guaranteed success!

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