Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur building a personal brand? You’d be looking for a signature font for your logo that immediately sets you apart. When it comes to getting remembered by your audience, nothing can replace a well-defined brand. 

That’s where the signature fonts come into the picture. They give a distinct look to your digital identity. They work best as a font for any logo, giving a touch of your identity to your logo. Photography, design, and clothing are some brands that use signature fonts for their logos. 

So, if you’re looking for the best fonts that look like signatures, look no further. In this article, we listed all the signature fonts you’d need to make a statement with your branding. 

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What is a Signature Font? 

Signature fonts give off a handwritten look. They work best for personal branding, logos, and designs that need a personal touch. 

They come with swashes, loops, and other decorative elements, giving them an air of a signature. If you want to add a calligraphy or cursive style to your logos or designs, signature fonts serve you the best!

Fonts that look like signatures usually belong to the Serif, handwritten, and calligraphy font families. Each style offers a different look to your fonts.

  • With their decorative strokes and curves, Serif fonts give the fonts a more formal and traditional look.
  • The differences and irregularities in the strokes give the handwritten fonts a more natural and authentic feel.
  • To get elegant flourishing elements, the answer is calligraphy fonts. 

Let’s have a look at the best fonts that look like signatures. 

Before you go and make a stunning logo, have a look at the different fonts available for free and licensed versions. 

FontVersionTypeEmphasisBest suited for
Asturria SignaturePaid/LicensedCalligraphyRegular, ItalicFashion, beauty, luxury brands
SalonicaFreeHandwrittenRegular, ItalicTech startups, creative agencies, personal brands
Vintage SignaturePaid/LicensedScriptRegular, ItalicVintage clothing, antique shops, nostalgia brands
Agatta SignaturePaid/LicensedScript and HandwrittenRegularBoutiques, artists, bloggers. 
Manly SignatureFreeScriptRegular, Bold, ItalicLegal businesses
Brittany SignatureFreeScriptRegular, Bold, ItalicWomen’s fashion, jewellery, florists
Otentic Signature TypefacePaid/LicensedCalligraphyRegular, BoldOrganic, handmade, eco-friendly brands
Retro SignatureFreeScriptRegular, Italicretro-inspired products, vintage-style cafes, and restaurants
Smith SignaturePaid/LicensedScript and HandwrittenRegular, BoldHigh-end jewelry, luxury real estate, boutique hotels
Goodnight London ScriptFreeHandwritten Regular, BoldChildren’s products, toy stores, family-friendly cafes

10 Best Signature Fonts

When you choose a font, the first feature to look for is legibility. Though fonts that look like signatures have a decorative and curvy appearance, they are highly readable. Have a look at the best signature fonts to have your ideal pick.

Before you start having fun with design, make sure to check the license of the fonts.

1. Asturria Signature 

Starting with the calligraphy font Asturria Signature. With its elegant and cursive strokes, this font suits perfectly for luxury and high-end brands. The stylish and flowing letterforms make this font distinct from others. 

Letterhead studio designed Asturria Signature with a varying width of strokes. Along with the italic emphasis, it adds a dynamic quality to the font.

Its flow which looks like handwritten text makes it an ideal choice for branding materials and packaging. If your brand speaks sophistication and elegance, your search for fonts ends at Asturria Signature.

2. Salonica 

Your worries about creating your personal brand end with Salonica. Designed by Sarid Ezra, Salonica is a Handwritten font. The handwritten style transfers your authenticity in your logo, business cards, website headers, and all personal branding material.

Its tall ascenders and descenders and sleek, thin lettering give an impression of a signature made with a smooth ball-point fountain pen. 

Take off the pressure of creating a uniform personal branding style guide with Salonica!

3. Vintage Signature 

As in the name, the Vintage Signature font flourishes the look of retro and vintage-themed brands. Belonging to the serif family, Vintage Signature comes in varying widths of letter edges. 

This varying thickness makes the font look more natural and written by hand than simply printed. The variations also add to the exciting and engaging look of the font. 

Designed by Black Studio, this font is your go-to choice for your retro-themed brand. 

4. Agatta Font

Agatta font is another script and handwriting font. Designed by Agni Ardi Rein Prasetyo, Agatta Font has smooth, curvy edges and a flowing style. Its simple-looking strokes make it clean and legible, even with the flowing lettering. 

Agatta Font supports Cyrillic and English language, numerals, punctuations, ligatures, and other symbols. Some characters in the font have slightly thicker or bolder strokes to add contrast.

5. Manly Signature Font

Can legal materials use fonts that look like signatures? The Manly Signature font is one of those fonts. Its classic and timeless vibe perfectly matches the energy of law firms and financial institutions. 

Designer IanMikraz Studio created this formal and elegant handwritten font. Its strong and confident letterforms convey a sense of strength and power. It comes with bold and italic emphasis to create a strong impact.

So, if you’re setting up a law firm to fight evil, showcase your strength with Manly Signature font!

6. Brittany Signature

This script-style signature font suits well for feminine brands and products. If you’re targeting a female audience, choose the elegant and feminine Brittany Signature font. 

The font has a clean and modern look which complements the flowing cursive lettering. The crisp and smooth curves make the font graceful and unique. 

BonjourType designed the font to be used for any packaging, website, and invitation designs. 

7. Otentic Signature Typeface

Justifying its unique name, Otentic Signature Typeface gives an organic and natural look with its imperfect and irregular strokes. The calligraphy font’s rough texture gives it an authentic and handmade feel. 

If you want to convey raw authenticity, pick Otentic Signature Typeface to do the job for you! 

Twicolabs Design designed this calligraphy-style font to spark up your organic and eco-friendly products to sparkle in the authenticity of the Otentic Signature Typeface.

8. Retro Signature

Another script font, Retro Signature, is inspired by the 1980’s retro style. Its vintage look doesn’t stop this font from giving off a contemporary appeal. 

Nirmana visual designed this old-school font. Its handwritten look adds a personal touch to your designs. 

Retro signature supports multiple languages, so you can design your brand in your regional language!

9. Smith Signature

If you want your logos to look like authentic signatures, try Smith Signature. This Script and handwritten font have thin, curvy strokes and widely spaced flowing lettering. 

If you have a hand-made jewelry brand or feminine luxury brand, Smith Signature will give your brand a beautiful and delicate look. 

Designed by Letterhead Studio, Smith Signature appeals to your ideal audience with a sophisticated, upscale, and refined look. 

10. Goodnight London Script

Ending the list with a handwritten font, Goodnight London Script. Its sleek, thin strokes and natural handwritten style resemble a real-handwritten note.

If you want your customers to feel like reading a personalized note from you every time they see your brand font, choose Goodnight London Script. The font style makes the writing look playful

Designed by Ronny studio, it gives a classic and elegant vibe, giving your brand a timeless appeal. Use this font with regular and bold emphasis to add variations and dynamics to your brand designs. 

Why Use Signature Fonts for Logos?

Your logo is not just a representation of your brand but its identity. It becomes a medium of communication with you. 

To stand out from the crowd and to convey the right emotions about your brand, you need to have an apt logo that extends your brand personality. 

Signature fonts for logos help you achieve the goal of making your logo speak about your brand personality. They are an excellent choice for logos as they make the logo: 

  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Versatile
  • Build an emotional connection
  • Relate to your brand personality 


You’re remembered because of your brand. It’s associated with you forever. So, whenever you design your brand identity, you’ll have to choose a font that perfectly captures your personality.

After going through the list of best signature fonts for logos, you’re not ready to make a statement and stand apart in your industry.

Choose the signature font that best matches your brand mission and make your customers remember you!