You’re a feminine beauty, skincare, or fashion brand, all pumped up to launch your new business. Or, maybe, you’re an environment-friendly stationery business looking for rebranding. You might even be a home decor, a heritage restaurant, an antique boutique, a gardener, a spa, or even an organic chocolate brand

Your brand strategy is complete only after designing an impactful logo that conveys your brand’s values and purpose. A botanical or boho botanical logo will be your ideal choice to bring out the essence of your brand elegantly. 

Botanical logos represent the timeless growth and refinement of the botanical elements – which exquisitely suit your brand’s spirit. The boho botanical logos’ earthy colors and creative imagery give a grounded and rooted touch to your brand.

If these qualities resonate with your brand’s personality, you might wonder which fonts to use to bring these qualities to your brand logo. We have you covered. We present a list of the 12 best botanical logo fonts to make your brand values resonate with your customers.

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Let’s summarise the best features of all the best botanical logo fonts to find the right fit for your brand:

FontVersionBest suited forFont emphasisCategory
ArchanePaid/LicensedModern skincare, eco-friendly homes, botany-inspired fashion brands RegularDisplay Serif
PolluxiePaid/LicensedLuxury perfume, floral design studios, and skincare brandsRegularFeminine Serif
Chia BienvillePaid/LicensedAntique botanic printing, heritage food, florist brandsRegularSerif
LostarFreeModern skin care, contemporary fashion brandsRegularSerif
NewyorkFreeApparel industry, modern art, and design brandsRegularSerif
KarellaPaid/LicensedPersonal brandingBold, Italic, Light, RegularSlab Serif
Cartis BeautifulFreeFarm-to-table cafes, Handmade daily use products, organic food, home decor. RegularSerif and Handwritten
AvigeaFreeLuxury logosRegular, ItalicSerif
Porsha RichelaPaid/LicensedModern design, wellness, spa brandsRegularModern Serif
Domestic ScriptPaid/LicensedFeminine brands, personalized gifts, artisanal coffee, and stationery brands.RegularModern Calligraphy
ArgueFreeEco-friendly and sustainable productsRegularSans Serif
LarissaFreeBoutiques, cafes, restaurants, high-end gardens. RegularSerif

Best Botanical Logo Fonts For Your Brand

Hastily designing a logo won’t serve your business’s purpose. You need to take the time to research the suitable fonts that complement your brand.

But you can relax as we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Read on to find the best botanical fonts for your brand. 

Check out the licenses for paid fonts before you go and have fun designing.

1. Archane

If you want an old-fashioned charm and geometrical style to your logo, Archane is the font for you!

Designed by Typia Nesia Std, this font has luxury and elegance written all over. A display serif font, it wonderfully highlights the contrast between thick and thin strokes.

It supports uppercase alphabets, numerals, punctuations, and ligatures to give a continuous flowing script look. And there’s more! Now you can make your brand logo look luxurious in your regional language with multilingual support. 

2. Polluxie

Designed by UI Creatives, Polluxie is a feminine serif font. Its thin strokes and graceful curves give off a delicate and elegant vibe. 

The roman typeface and discontinued lettering make Polluxie the go-to font for logos of fashion and editorial brands. Polluxie supports upper and lower case alphabets, numerals, and special characters, making it a right fit for any botanical logo design.

3. Chia Bienville

Introducing another serif family botanical font, Chia Bienville! Does your brand convey a sense of history and tradition? Your search for a vintage-style font ends here. 

Highly curved edges, which leave a blob-like shape, give your brand personality a refined, elegant feel. 

This UI Creatives-designed font supports uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals, and special characters. 

4. Lostar

Did you love the elegant and polished fonts so far? Have a look at Lostar. It is designed by Ergibi Studio and gives off a contemporary and sleek vibe. 

The ligatures give Lostart a flowing script look. The font comes in only upper case alphabets.

Do you want something to convey a sense of innovation? Choose Lostar. It also supports multiple languages, so you can take your innovative brand to local households. 

5. Newyork

From the vault of serif botanical fonts comes Newyork. Artem Nevsky designed this bold and modern font.

If you are in the apparel industry, Newyork is your pick to make your expensive and fashionable clothing a common name in the market. The font blends well with brands conveying a sense of strength.

Like other serif fonts, Newyork also supports multiple languages. More than 200 are Latin-based. 

6. Karella

Are you getting on the personal branding bandwagon? Then, Karella is for you! Blancoletters designed Karella to make your personal brand appealing to your prospects. 

Influenced by calligraphy, Karella has a playful style. The slightly rounded endings give a friendly feel to the logo. 

To customize the fonts and be more playful, the typeface comes with bold, light, italic, and regular fonts.  What better way to represent your personal brand than the personal touch of Karella? 

7. Cartis Beautyful 

A mix of serif and signature handwritten fonts, Cartis Beautyful is here to make your logo look modern and casual. Designed by Tony Studio, the typeface comes with a script and regular fonts.

Serifs with smooth curves and ligatures complete the botanical font with a smooth-flowing handwritten script. 

Cartis Beautiful supports punctuation, numbers, and multiple languages. If you want to convey warmth and authenticity, Cartis Beautiful is your pick.

8. Avigea

Have a look at a groovy font, Avigea. Use Avigea to make your brand logo look fashionable and modern. 

Designed by Storytype, this serif font comes in upper and lowercase alphabets, numerals, and punctuations and supports multiple languages. The typeface has a regular and an italic font.

To stand out in your industry, try out a unique look for your botanical logo with Avigea.

9. Porsha Richela

Porsha Richela is a clean, minimalistic font in your toolkit to make your brand logo look modern and classy. 

UI Creative designed this modern serif font. Like other fonts, Porsha Richela has upper and lower case alphabets, special characters, and numerals.

Its smooth edges and curves make it appealing and differentiate it from the other serif fonts. 

10. Domestic Script

Are you looking for a minimalistic logo having a feminine look? Have a look at Domestic Script

Sizimon Std designed a modern calligraphy font that gives your botanical logo a personal and handwritten touch. 

This font is suitable for both digital and print mediums. And it comes with multilingual support for you to make your logo personal with a hint of your language. 

11. Argue

The alternates of the letters available in Argue make it unarguably the best in the Sans Serif family. Designed by Sarid Ezra, Argue combines the plain ends of Sans Serif with the curved edges of the Serif. 

The font is PUA encoded so that you can make the most of the special characters available. It also comes with multilingual support.

12. Larissa

Last on the list, Larissa is a sleek, contemporary font for botanical logos. It conveys a sense of modernity and luxury. 

Designed by Graphicxell, Larissa has bold letters, clean lines, and a minimalist design. It supports uppercase and lowercase alphabets and numeral characters in the free version. 

What Makes a Font Perfect for Botanical Logo Design?

As in the name, botanical logos are an all-encompassing design of flowers, leaves, buds, stems, roots, and more. All these elements together symbolize the refinement and beauty of nature. 

The best botanical logo fonts give an organic touch to your brand while making a statement of sophistication.

To provide a timely, earthy, refined, or modern vibe, you can use the botanical logos in combination with

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Your logo alone can make your customers identify and remember you. That’s the power a perfectly made logo holds! 

After going through the best botanical logo fonts, you can now create a lasting impression for your brand. 

If you’re looking for a logo font, now you know which botanical logo font to choose to make your brand remembered.