When it comes to ice cream, there’s no one that can beat Baskin-Robbins. It doesn’t matter what season it is; people always love buying ice creams from this brand because they are really tasty. 

Not to mention, they have a variety of flavors to offer their customers, which makes their brand even more unique and valuable than their competitors. Today, they are the world’s most successful ice cream sellers, but during their early stages, they wouldn’t have become this popular if their iconic logo had been advertised to them.

You read that right—although Baskin-Robbins didn’t have their most famous logos with them during the start, they still managed to stand out from the crowd! Baskin-Robbins doesn’t use the old logos anymore because they keep upgrading themselves and their identity with time. which is why most of their fans don’t know about their previous logos.

If you are one of those people, then make sure to read this article till the end since today we are going through a detailed history of Baskin-Robbins’ logo evolution, meaning, and many more things.

So grab a spoon and let’s dive in!

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Baskin-Robbins Logo Meaning

baskin robbins logo meaning

If you look at all the Baskin-Robbins logos, then you will notice each of them has the letter “BR” in their designs, which is an abbreviation of their brand’s name.

And the reason why Baskin Robbins has this name is that in 1945, Burt Baskin and his brother-in-law, Robbins, merged their ice cream shops into a single brand, which was named Baskin Robbins. In all the logos, there’s a 31 that’s also really visible; thus 31 represents the number of flavors they sold at the start.

Also, they chose 31 because of their tradition of offering a different flavor for every day of the month. 

Furthermore, Baskin-Robbins logos are usually pink and blue; pink is used to represent the brand’s sweetness and its popular strawberry flavor. while blue is used to represent the icy and chilled temperature of their ice creams. It mixes well with pink as well, which is why for years these colors remained together!

Lastly, the font used for designing the Baskin Robbins logo is probably Variex Regular. A playful font with zig-zag-styled letters for a quirky and fun look However, the 31 used in the logo is a custom work.

Baskin-Robbins’ first logo was introduced in 1953, and its designer was Carson Roberts. Currently, Carson Roberts is a part of Ogilvy and Mather’s, and Carson was the one who recommended Burt Robbins and their brother-in-law to merge their businesses.

Then comes the 2020 logo, which was designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie’s (JKR) Rob Clarke. Lastly, the current logo designer is the ChangeUp design company.

Baskin-Robbins Logo History (Evolution)

Just like many other brands, Baskin-Robbins has changed its logo many times throughout its history, and below we have mentioned all of them!


baskin robbins logo history

From the start, Baskin-Robbins had their motto “31 flavors for the 31 days of the month,” which is why even their debut logo was designed with this theme. However, it was way more minimal than the modern logos of this brand. since it had a pink circle with “31” written inside it and the brand’s name below this “31” colored in brown. 

It wasn’t too attractive and had a really simple design, but it still managed to pull a lot of customers to their store. And as mentioned earlier, this logo was designed by Carson Roberts; even the “31 flavors” theme was their idea.


baskin robbins logo history

After many years of success, Baskin-Robbins finally decided to change its logo to a more modern design. In this logo, the number 31 wasn’t removed, although at this time they started selling more than 1000 flavors. Instead, they kept the number 31 in the logo as their core and designed “Baskin” and “Robbins” on the right and left sides, respectively.

Now, instead of brown and pink, the ice cream brand uses a pink and blue combination for a clearer and more aesthetic representation.


baskin robbins logo history

Baskin-Robbins used the previous logo for more than a decade, and when they thought they needed a new design, they decided to use the 2006 logo. This logo is probably their most popular logo because of its unique and iconic design. Furthermore, this logo gave a fresh start to Baskin-Robbins with its charming look. 

In this logo, we can see “BR” at the top, which is an abbreviation of the company’s name. This “BR” is colored pink and blue, which are the favorite colors of this ice cream brand.

However, if you look closely, you will notice a 31 in the pink part of the number, which indicates Baskin-Robbins is still following its tradition. Lastly, there’s the company’s name written at the bottom with a blue color and Variex Regular font for better representation.


baskin robbins logo history

After more than a decade, Baskin-Robbins changed its logo yet again, but this time it wasn’t different. They just made the 2006 logo slightly darker since it was too light.


baskin robbins logo history

Finally, in 2022, they introduced a new design for their logo, which looked a lot like their debut logo. It’s because this logo is a tribute to their original one. Now, we can see the “BR” yet again, and 31 on the pink part of it. “Baskin” and “Robbins” are on the right and left sides of 31, and instead of blue, they decided to go with brown for this logo. 

The brown color represents their tasty chocolate-flavored ice creams, which are being loved so much by their customers.

Lastly, Baskin-Robbins has more than 1400 flavors currently, but they will never stop using “31” in their logo as it’s their brand’s true identity. 

About Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is an American ice cream brand, founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. Today, this company has more than 8000 shops all over the world, of which 2500 are located in the United States. Currently, it’s the world’s most popular and most successful ice cream-selling company, and they are well-known for its 31 flavors of ice cream.

Since 1945, this company has kept introducing new flavors, and at the moment of this writing, Baskin-Robbins sells more than 1400 flavors in their stores. With the popular demand for ice cream, this company isn’t going to stop and will surely last for centuries.

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