Today we are back again with a clothing brand font.

The font used to create the Anti Social Social Club logo is Friz Quadrata Bold.

It is a premium font. You can purchase this font from MyFonts. Also, we have added some free alternatives to the Friz Quadrata font. Which are very similar to the Anti-Social Social Club logo.

Take a look at our recent post on clothing brand fonts if you’re just getting started.

Friz Quadrata Bold

Anti Social Social Club Font

Friz Quadrata is a premium font created by Ernst Friz and Victor Caruso in 1965. You have to use the warp feature in Photoshop to achieve the same ASSC logo effect.

  • File Size: 20.9 KB
  • File Type: TTF
  • Designer: Ernst Friz and Victor Caruso

Watch this Photoshop tutorial video for a better understanding.

Friz Quadrata Bold – Free Alternatives

Anti Social Social Club

Anti Social Social Club is a clothing brand founded by Neek Lurk. It was officially founded in 2015 through Instagram. This brand gained popularity in a very short time. He has done a very good job in branding and marketing. ASSC collaborated with many popular brands like Playboy, A Bathing Ape, and Dover Street Market.