Are you looking for an anime artist for hire? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a list of the Best Anime Artists that you can find on Fiverr. Each of these artists will create eye-catching anime manga artwork at an affordable price. There is plenty of choice on Fiverr, so choosing a gig is not an easy task. We have to look through their reviews, prices, previous works before choosing the right one. That’s why we’ve curated this list.

Fiverr is a great place for hiring freelancers who specialize in graphic design, logo branding, web design, programming, and so on. They also offer you deals on different types of artwork including anime artworks. This means that you can even hire a Japanese animator who can bring an authentic oriental look to your anime art.

Why Anime Artworks?

Anime is hot right now. The genre exploded with hit shows such as Naruto, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and shows no signs of slowing down. From posters to t-shirts, anime graphics can be seen everywhere, and anime artworks are so popular due to characters appeal.

Animation artwork is an integral part of anime culture, and it’s amazing how many different ways there are to create anime graphics. In addition to traditional arts such as drawing and painting, anime graphics entails the use of ink and pen, photography, computer graphics, and, of course, digital graphics.

Best Anime Artists on Fiverr

1. WorthForCheap – Custom Anime Portraits

anime artist for hire

Gig Title: I will draw a manga anime portrait from your photo

He is a Fiverr pro verified seller with more than 800+ total reviews. As a fiver PRO seller, we can trust his skills and abilities in Anime portrait drawing. Since 2019, he has been drawing animes on Fiverr. Aside from this, he has 12 years of experience in Ghostwriting.

Priced at USD100, The Basic package provides anime drawings within four days. He only provides one head in this package. A premium package would be the best option for full-body animes. There are some gigs below that may be of interest to you if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

From his previous works and reviews, we can confirm he delivers what he promises. He will turn your custom photos into authentic Japanese-style animes.

2. Aicsthetics – Aesthetic Anime Drawings

manga anime artists for hire

Gig Title: I will draw aesthetic anime art

You should check out this gig if you’re seeking an affordable yet aesthetic anime drawing. Aicsthetics provides high-quality drawings in different file formats such as Png, Jpeg, Procreate, etc.

Over 160+ reviews that she has received have given her 4.9 out of 5. Overall, his wors are incredible. She specialized in creating minimal and aesthetic-style anime comic works.

pricing chart for anime artists

For $10 you’ll get a drawing with one head. For a 2 day delivery, she charges an extra $15. If you choose the Premium package ($30), you’ll receive an anime drawing with a full body and background, plus sideline text. The price for a half-body in full color would be $20.

3. Arif_saputra – Cyberpunk Anime Arts

cyberpunk anime artist for hire

Gig Title: I will draw cyberpunk anime style illustration for you

Arif is a top-rated Indonesian comic artist with over 300+ 5-star reviews from customers around the globe. One thing i liked about this gig is uniqueness, he blended futuristic cyberpunk style with anime drawings. That’s why he became a top-rated seller on Fiverr. He stands out from the crowd. His expertise lies in drawing futuristic and realistic anime portraits.

As a top-rated seller, his pricing package starts at $250, with this plan you’ll get a bust shot without background. All of his packages came in only 2 revisions. He also promises to deliver artwork within 7 days. He can deliver it more quickly for an additional fee. In comparison to other gigs, this gig is a little pricey, but for the quality he provides, it’s worth a shot.

pricing for anime cartoons

Currently, the style of the game Cyberpunk 2077 is gaining popularity. Animes in cyberpunk styles are cool. You can easily implement futurism in animes by ordering this gig.

4. Rrraarrtt – Anime Avatars

cute anime artist for hire

Gig Title: I will draw a cartoon or anime social media profile and avatar

From Indonesia, Rrraarrtt is an anime portrait artist with a level 2 badge. For the level 2 badge, the seller needs to complete at least 50 orders and maintain a 4.7-star rating. It indicates she is an experienced anime artist. Bringing cuteness to the anime portraits is her specialty. She’ll accept the following characters: Yourself, Original character, Anime characters, Game characters, Manga character, etc.

Prices start at $10, which is a great price for such an adorable anime drawing plan. With a basic plan, she delivers only a Jpeg file with one headshot. For PNG file format, you need to choose a standard or premium package. They’re also cheaper than other sellers. Delivery time takes about 4 Days with not more than 2 revisions per order.

We notice from her reviews that most of her buyers are satisfied with the quality of her delivery.

charges for anime manga drawing

5. Alesetiawan – Chibi and Manga Animes

hire Japanese manga artist

Gig Title: I will draw cute chibi anime and manga style

The term Chibi is short for “Chibis” (a Japanese slang word describing something short), which is a popular term for the art in which characters are drawn in an exaggerated way: small, chubby, with long limbs and oversize heads.

$30 is what she charges for a full-body chibi art. With this gig, you can subscribe for 3 months and save 5% on your second order. In my opinion, this option is useful for customers who frequently order anime artworks. For commercial use, you’ll need to select the addon “Commercial Use”. The $20 plan delivers your order within 6 days.

anime cartoon artist pricing

I would suggest this gig if you want animes with oversized heads and small, chubby figures. Chibi drawings have their own fanbase. Yet another Indonesian anime artist, with more than 400 reviews (level 2).

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