Today we are going to share with you font that similar to the ACDC logo. You can achieve the same look by using this font. Don’t worry about the purchase its a free font. You can simply download it from below.

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Acdc font

ACDC Font (Squealer)

Acdc font download

Squealer font can give you the same AC DC look. You can use this font to create eye-catching posters, t-shirt designs, invitations, brochures, etc.
Squealer is created by Typodermic Fonts. This is a 100% free font. So you don’t have permission or license for commercial usage.

  • Font file: TTF
  • Font Size: 139 KB
  • No of Font Files: 2 (Squealer embossed and Regular)
  • License: 100% Free
  • Author: Typodermic Fonts

About AC/DC Band

AC/DC is an Australian rock band by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm & Angus Young and it was founded in 1973. Their first album High Voltage becomes very popular at that time.

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