The best part about fonts is their versatility. There are hundreds and thousands of fonts to choose from whenever you need to create a design. However, these huge numbers can sometimes be an obstacle as well since they will make you more confused about your choices, and that’s where Google fonts come in. It’s a huge library of some of the most well-designed and quality fonts put together to help you out with your text projects.

And to make things easier, we are about to introduce you to the 12 most fun fonts available on Google Fonts! Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to spend hours looking for a few typefaces when you can use this post as your cheat sheet!

Every font mentioned here is known for its great design and amazing versatility, which is why using them can be a lot of fun, so whether you use them for your Google Docs, flyers, posters, or just some personal projects, you will not be disappointed at any cost, making them extremely fun to use!

12 Fun Fonts on Google Docs

As their name suggests, Funny Google fonts are available on Google Fonts and Google Docs for free, so be assured about stuff like licensing and have a ton of fun with them!


Starting with Bangers by Vernon Adams, which, just like its name, is a banger font! Its design is based on many typefaces used in comics from the 1990s, which gives it a really dynamic and fun vibe. If you are a fan of display and thick font, then there’s no way you can ignore it, plus this shape allows it to be clear and visible as well, making Banger a really fun font. By looking at its design, you can easily say it’s a great choice for main texts!


A list of fun fonts is impossible without Barriecito by Omnibus-Type, since this font is the embodiment of fun in the typeface world! It’s designed to be used for informal work and attracts people with its childish and whimsical looks, which are so fun to look at. Many people consider this font a great choice for kid designs, posters, party decorations, invitations, and many more casual designs. Barriecito is entirely lowercase as well, which adds another fun touch to it.


The thing most people enjoy about Funny Google Fonts are their casual looks. Since professional fonts can remind you of work, casual fonts express relaxation and fun vibes. And there’s no better font than Boogaloo, which can express this! It’s designed by John Vargas Beltrán and looks like probably the most relaxing font to ever exist. It’s simple, comforting, and expresses a lot of happiness, which should make it a must-have choice for you!


Of course, there’s nothing fun about a creepy and dead font like Butcherman by Typomondo, but there’s one occasion that can make this zombified font fun, which is Halloween! The day when being scary is allowed is the perfect day to use a font like this and have fun. Maybe you are having a Halloween party and need some spooky invitation cards or flyers, or maybe you just want a Halloween-themed notice for your workplace. Butcherman has got your back for all these mischievous works!


Chango by Fontstage is a big boy, thanks to its immense thickness and simple design, which have shaped it into one of the most readable and fun fonts to use. There’s nothing striking about it, which is how casual they are, as they are supposed to convey comfort and fun, which is why Chango is one of the best choices when it comes to fun fonts on Google Docs. As you may have guessed, Chango is mostly for display works, so advertisements, custom t-shirts, and crafts can have a lot of success with it.


When it comes to sweetness, there’s no font that even comes close to Chewy by Sideshow! It’s softness and playful design instantly make it the center of attention, which works well if you’re looking for a fun font that can help you get some customers! But that’s not all. Since Chewy looks literally like candy, maybe designing some kid’s designs with it won’t be a bad idea; kids will have a lot of fun.


Both Chango and Chewy are great fonts, but what if you could combine them? Well, here’s your answer, which is Coiny by Marcelo Magalhães! Coiny has the softness of Chewy and the comforting looks of Chango, which makes it an ultimate font for anyone looking for the sweetest font in existence. Furthermore, just like its predecessors, Coiny is designed to attract people, so it’s a great pick for headlines and flyers.

Finger Paint

Everyone has done finger painting in their childhood, and it was a fun experience. While we can’t do it anymore, we can still enjoy it with Finger Paint by Carrois Apostrophe! It’s a font completely inspired by finger painting done by a kid, which makes this font look really unique and refreshing—it’s not something we often see with fonts! Finger paint can help you whenever you need a childish touch to your work, whether it’s for your kids or some school work.


Gaegu has been a staple of Fun Fonts on Google Docs ever since it came out, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s designed by JIKJI SOFT and looks super fun thanks to its handwritten design. You will notice it even looks childish, which is great since the only thing we expect from these fonts is fun and enjoyment, so having a font with such a whimsical design will help you make your projects look more attractive and approachable!


Maybe you aren’t a fan of painting things with your fingers and prefer brushes, and if that’s the case, then Knewave is the only font you need! It’s designed by Tyler Finck and features a design that’s based on the strokes of a painting brush! If you have ever done painting, then you will understand how fun it’s to do quick strokes and later look at them turn into masterpieces. Fortunately,  Knewave will provide you with the same experience, so consider checking it out!

Luckiest Guy

If you have enjoyed all the thick fonts so far, then Luckiest Guy is another contender you must give a try. It’s designed by Astigmatic and is one of the most popular fonts simply because of its minimal yet fun-looking design, which manages to make many projects look interesting in seconds. And it’s always fun to use bold and readable fonts, so why not design some eye-catching designs with the luckiest guy?


For the end, we have Modak! A cute and whimsical display font designed by Ek Type. Modak is known for its chubby and fun design, which isn’t only cute but looks really attractive as well. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it’s hard to ignore Modak, which means it doesn’t matter whether you use this font for some Google Docs, custom t-shirts, or a room decoration; you are always going to have fun as long as you use it!


The fun with Funny Google Fonts never ends, as they were designed for this, so if you find yourself lacking enjoyment in life, then why not pick up decent choices like Finger Paint, Chewy, and Chango to have some fun?